Sunday, June 22, 2014

Elements of Educational Technology

The Elements of Educational Technology paper was an interesting assignment in that we really needed to consider the elements of the definition of Educational Technology in an effort to determine those that are most important in our view or perspective of the term. The elements I addressed in the paper were those that already fit into my "loose" definition of Educational Technology; elements whose meaning have personal importance and significance in my own practice.

Please see my linked paper (presented below) and let me know what you think. I am sorry if I was a bit winded. I only saw Chris' suggestion of 1-2 pages after my paper was complete.


Elements of Educational Technology Paper URL

Friday, June 13, 2014


Hi everyone. I'll let you in on a little secret...this isn't my first EDTECH blog. To be honest, I have gone about this whole MET process a little backward. Initially, I was only completing MET/EDTECH courses out of a desire for professional development. In fact, it was only after I completed three MET courses (EDTECH 503, EDTECH 511, and EDTECH 513) and started my fourth course (EDTECH 532) that I decided to put these credits, and tuition, to work! The first three courses I completed helped me to get my blogging feet wet - so to speak; but, it was the EDTECH 532 course that really cemented my status as blogger extraordinaire; OK perhaps that is a stretch.

What I have gathered thus far is that the EDTECH blog serves a variety of purposes, but the two main purposes that I see the EDTECH blog serving are: 1) it acts as a repository for storing our educational technology products/artifacts and 2) it serves as a vehicle for our thoughtful reflection about the development of new "schema" in regard to educational technology.

I have posted a "Welcome" video below. Please forgive my rugged appearance; I am in the middle of moving and its been a rough couple of days.

Hope we have a great semester together.