Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project 1: Multimedia Instruction

Below is a link to my Multimedia Instruction Presentation. In the presentation I attempt to address a Algebra I concept that was recently introduced in the online course that I teach. The concept is: testing coordinate pairs to verify if they are solutions for a given system of equations.

Project 1: Multimedia Instruction

The presentation seeks to employ the concepts presented in week for: the multimedia principle and the contiguity principle. For instance, I attempted to adhere to the multimedia principle in that the images displayed have associated / supportive text to clarify the image as well as the concepts addressed. In addition, the images used were purposely chosen so as to represent a theme - with the intention of providing additional clarity of the topics. For instance, the main image used throughout the presentation is a set of stairs that show an individual moving up one stair to the next as they complete the steps of the process. This image is meant to not only present the steps included in the process but also to reinforce the idea that the steps build upon each other and that students must move up the steps in order. The staircase image, while important, is too large to have on each slide as I work through the content; therefore, in keeping with the continguity principle I include a part of (a cut away of) the full image. For instance, when discussing the first step of the process I include the part of the full image that represents the first step in the staircase. I continue to do this throughout presentation as each step is addressed and then tackled.

On a side note...the images I used / created in the presentation are somewhat "adolescent" in nature and this was done on purpose as my students range from 7th to 12th grade.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creating My Learning Log

AECT Standard 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies states that, "Computer-based technologies are ways to produce or deliver materials using microprocessor-based resources."

The EDTECH Learning Log is an excellent example of a computer-based technology.
  • The learning log was so simple to create; in fact with just a few keystrokes I was able to create a visually-appealing website / blogging site that can easily be used to deliver information.
I could easily create a blogging site for use as an informational distribution center for the classes I teach. For instance, I could create separate pages for each course and post relevant, timely information via blog posts. The blogging site could be used to share / link to subject resources, post reminders about upcoming due dates, provide guidance on assignments / activities, etc. Additionally, I could grant students reply rights - creating an informal class discussion forum.

In fact, a blogging site such as this is a great way for a teacher to create an online presense without needing a lot knowledge about HTML scripting and web servers.  

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