Sunday, August 3, 2014

Course Reflection of Learning

This has been a great summer of learning! The EDTECH 501 course really helped me to formulate my understanding of educational technology and it allowed me to research tech tools and trends that would make an impact in either my own class or the class of a colleague.

The main challenge presented in this course was simply finding the time and place to complete the coursework required. I moved from Okinawa, Japan to Tacoma, Washington at the beginning of the semester and have been living, with my family, in my parent’s home. This coupled with an active search for employment and a domicile, has made completing course assessment difficult. To manage this challenge, I employed a strategy that Chris presented early in the course; that being to dedicate a specific location and time period for completing coursework. I found that the only way to have a quite spot for study, in our crowded-to-capacity home, was to wake early.

Of the artifacts created in the course, I would have to say that my Tech Trends artifact was the best. I feel that not only was the content relevant, but my presentation of the content was visually appealing and sought to provide an objective overview of technology tools that could be employed to add video logs in the classroom to foster discussion and collaboration. I enjoyed creating the artifact as it made me think about technology problem and solution from the perspective of an Educational Technologist, advising on the technologies to be employed by the whole organization, rather than a teacher.

The whole EDTECH 501 experience was enjoyable, from the content presented, to the artifacts created, to the discussions had with my small group members. I would have to say the one thing that I am sure to use as a result of this course would be the incorporation of Google+ in my classroom to foster student engagement and collaboration.