Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exploring Okinawa with Rachel Boylan

Hi class,

After some consideration I decided to create a podcast series entitled "Exploring Okinawa." In it I hope to discuss local eateries, attractions, shopping, etc. to be found on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

In the first "Exploring Okinawa" episode I discuss a recent trip taken with my entire family to a local Japanese beef grill in the Yomitan district of the island.

In future episodes I would like to open and close the episode with some local Okinawan music played on the Sanshin, a three-string guitar, that is played predominately on the island; however, my friend who I was going to record while he played the sanshin was unavailable prior to this recording. Additionally, I think this podcast would be better if it was done with a second person. Perhaps future editions will include either my husband chatting with me or my colleague, another island expert, Dr. Amy Parlo.

One thing I learned in creating the podcast is that it is better, in my opinion, to keep the recording going - returning to the track to edit later. I found this better than recording bits of audio and then piecing the tracks together as you can clearly hear the transition between the tracks.

Please see my first podcast episode: Exploring Okinawa.

From this assignment it is easy to see how podcasts can be a beneficial instructional tool in the classroom. The podcasts could act as supplements to an in class discussion or they could be used as stand alone discussions that are incorporated with further learning activities. Clearly podcasts should be added to an instructors arsenal of multimedia tools.