Sunday, July 27, 2014

School Evaluation Summary

This week's task of evaluating my school's technology maturity benchmarks using the Maturity Model Benchmarks rubric was a bit difficult. The reason being, our school is governed by a larger overarching school system that encompasses 14 different districts and over 150 schools and our school's technology maturity is partially made up of its own plans and processes, but it is also made up of the plans and processes of the entire school system.

The evaluation results are unique in that they are the outcome of a dynamic relationship between my school and our school system, as my school is the only virtual school in our school system. I believe my school's high ranking on the Maturity Model Benchmark rubric was mainly due to the fact that the rubric was created for standard brick-and-mortar schools whose level of technology integration is considerably different from our school's level of technology integration.

Overall, this was an interesting activity that made me look closer at the technology plans and processes within my school and my school system.

Please see my linked evaluation survey and summary below: