Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RSS in Education

RSS feeds and RSS readers are excellent tools for bringing news to the user. This is a refreshing change from the old method of news acquisition in which the user had to search for news. Now the user simply adds the RSS feed content they want to follow to their RSS reader and new content is presented to the user as soon as it is published. Too cool!

RSS feeds and RSS readers have a multitude of uses in the classroom. In fact, right off the top of my head, I can see major implications and uses for RSS feeds and RSS readers in Social Studies and Civics courses. For instance, Social Studies students could be instructed to subscribe/follow a variety of news feeds. Each week, students would then be instructed to use their RSS reader to select an interesting article to be used as a current event. Additionally, a teacher could subscribe/follow a variety of political science RSS feeds and use the content presented to create more lively, current class discussions. Lastly, RSS feeds and RSS readers can be used by teachers as a repository of tips and tricks for technology integration in the classroom. Teachers could take a quick glance at their RSS reader to get ideas for new technology integration.