Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

This was an interesting assignment. As I was assessing my school, in regard to digital divide and/or digital inequality, I found digital inequality to be more of an issue within my school. This is due mainly to the unique student population of our school system, as well as student's relatively stable socioeconomic status.

What did you learn about multimedia principles in creating this artifact?
I didn't really learn any "new" multimedia principles in the creation of this artifact, due to my taking MET courses out of order and having taken a course in Multimedia. Much of the information presented for creation of this artifact was presented in my Multimedia course; however, refreshing one's understanding of multimedia principles is always a good thing.

What did you learn about digital divide and/or digital inequality that was new to you?
I found this assignment interesting as not only did it provide better clarification in regard to digital divide, but it also sought to differentiate between digital divide and digital inequality. As I was creating my assignment/artifact, I looked to my previous school system as source of reference. Due to the unique makeup of our student body, my artifact focused more on digital inequality rather than the digital divide.

What do you plan to do with this knowledge in the future?
Of the factors addressed in my assignment/artifact, the one that I have most control over, as an Educational Technologist, is the knowledge base of school staff (administrators and teachers). I understand how important it is not only to train teachers and administrators on technology integration, but also to create a school-wide integration plan that focuses on creating subject or grade-level communities focused on increasing integration of technology in the classroom.

How might you change/improve this artifact if you had more time?
If I had more time, I would likely have recorded my speaker notes. Google presentation's inability to incorporate recorded speaker notes is a blight on a fabulous suite of technology tools.

My presentation is below.